Impact-Resistant Doors from Florida Door Shop

Florida Door Shop is a licensed distributor of PGT WinGuard Vinyl 500 Series Doors. PGT is the authority on impact-resistant doors, windows and enclosure systems. The WinGuard series itself was created after hurricane Andrew devastated Miami-Dade County, and PGT’s WinGuard series has been named the strongest and most reliable products in the industry ever since.

The new Winguard series is revolutionizing how we look at impact-resistant doors. They are larger and stronger than the models that came before them and are capable of handling the highest design pressures. The WinGuard Vinyl series is up to par with the toughest hurricane codes in the country and will protect your home from airborne debris, as well as intruders who may try to enter your home by force. The design and material of these impact-resistant doors also makes them capable of blocking out noise pollution and UV light rays.

On top of all that, the PGT WinGuard Vinyl 500 Series is incredibly stylish. You don’t have to sacrifice aesthetic for the sake of utility—these doors come in many styles and varieties and can be customized to help you not only protect your home but redesign it as well.

Impact-resistant doors are an investment that will increase the value of your home and help you preserve its beauty. An investment as important as this shouldn’t be left to just anyone. At Florida Door Shop, we have many years of industry experience and can quickly and professionally install your impact-resistant doors. When we’re done, your home will look great and your new doors will look like a seamless addition to your home.

If you’re not sure what impact-resistant doors would be the best fit for your home or have no idea where to get started, call us today or visit our store in Delray Beach. Our team can answer any questions you might have and help you invest in a great new addition to your home.