Windows from Florida Door Shop Enhance Energy Efficiency

Windows can do more than just change the look of your home; they can be a worthwhile investment that protects your family and increases the value of your home. When ultraviolet (UV) light hits your house, it filters in through the windows and raises the temperature inside. UV light is also capable of damaging and discoloring fabric because of its strength, meaning furniture near windows is constantly at risk.

Florida Door Shop’s UV light-reducing windows can provide solutions to all these problems. Our windows can effectively keep your house at a comfortable temperature and decrease the amount of time your air conditioner is on which increases energy efficiency. These windows are designed to control the amount of UV light that is allowed into your home which lowers the amount of work your air conditioner has to do. By blocking out UV light through the installation of UV light-reducing windows you will also keep any exposed to natural light from fading in color.

Windows affect the flow of heat in and out of your home, along with the amount of natural light that is let into your home. These two factors work together to influence the amount of electricity you use to keep your house at a comfortable temperature. UV-light reducing windows control the amount of UV-light that is allowed into your home, which will help keep your house cool. This means that your central air system won’t have to work as hard, optimizing energy efficiency and saving you money.

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